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What Clients Have Said

Testimonials: Testimonials

Before the session I felt uneasy and on edge but after the session I felt completely relaxed and calm and I had a feeling of clarity around things I had never really thought much about before. I realised how much my self-confidence is holding me back. Kathryn was fantastic, very professional and the session flow was lovely.

Gemma J

I found my session with Kathryn very helpful. Before the session I was confused and didn't really know why I was feeling like I was feeling but the session gave me a lot more clarity on why I had the feelings I had. It felt so much better knowing there was an actual reason for it. I realised I have a lot of conflicting thoughts and that I need to slow down a bit. Kathryn was brilliant and gave me lots of space to explore my feelings and thoughts which I definitely needed.

Ali C

I was feeling curious about where the coaching would led me however I felt a sense of relief and ease because I was able to release a lot of built up thoughts and feelings. It also left me with a desire to organise these thoughts and focus on more concentrated concerns or blocks that might be holding me back. The session helped me to get motivated, focus and feel inspired for future work. Kathryn was well organised and I felt like she gave me the space and time in a safe and secure environment for self discovery.

Katy H

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